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What If My Child Never Learns To Read?

What If My Child Never Learns To Read?

Last week, we resumed my son's daily reading lessons and practice. He is profoundly dyslexic, and all the research shows that in order for him to become a proficient reader he needs daily, consistent learning. Because I think everyone needs a break, no matter what the research says about consistency, we have not done it the past few weeks. Instead, we listened to audio books,...Read More
A teacher's aide often came to assist him. When another student asked why she was always at our table, she answered, very plainly, "Because he is a slow learner."  

When Your Child Is A “Slow Learner”

My youngest son is thirteen years old now. It took him three years (count them, three years) to learn the alphabet fluently. Four years to spell and write his first and last name correctly. He still sometimes fails to recognize basic sight words, that he has been practicing for the better part of eight years. Progress, especially when you have learning differences, can be...Read More

What Does Christian Parenting Really Look Like?

I sat in the Bible study, and my heart sank. The conversation was once again drifting towards sleep training. Every mom in the room had an opinion. And all of those opinions were the exact opposite of what every single night looked like with my baby. There was a strong belief among these women, and in our church culture, that sleep training was part...Read More

How To Really Help A Child With Learning Differences: The Brave Learner

When my oldest son was in preschool, he was fascinated with sharks.  He lived and breathed them. At his little Montessori school down the street, he read books about them, created diagrams of the ocean and made presentations to the class about shark behavior. (It was seriously one of the best schools ever.) When he got home each night, he spoke of nothing else...Read More

Hands-On Learning and Movement For The Struggling Learner

When my son was eight, he still struggled to recognize the difference between a capital "H" and a capital "I." He'd been singing the alphabet song since preschool, coloring way too many different pictures of hippos and igloos, and practicing those two letters on his handwriting sheets for almost five years. But still, when he saw an "H" he faltered.  When an "I" came...Read More

When Your Child Has Meltdowns Every Day

Some things are just tough to write about. I want to write about them. I know that I should. But with some topics, I have trouble saying what I want to say. Bear with me on this one. I am not sure how it will go. But I think it needs to be said - Aggressive and violent meltdowns are awful (and that might...Read More
20 Things I Have Learned Since My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

20 Things I Have Learned Since My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

  It's been more than seven years now, since my son was diagnosed with autism. It seems like yesterday. It seems like a lifetime ago. 1. A lack of sleep makes everything seem worse than it actually is. 2. It is possible for one person to  talk for four hours straight about snakes, or aquariums, or cats. Trust me. 3. People can be really,...Read More