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For The Mom In The Waiting Room

We are headed into more waiting rooms this week. I try to plan for the time - bringing a book and some work to get done while I wait. ​But I know there's no way I will accomplish much. If you've been the mom in the waiting room, you know.  It's hard to concentrate. It's hard to stay calm. It's hard not to imagine what's going...Read More

When My Child Refused To Go To School Every Single Day

My child refused to go to school every single day. A decade later, here is what I've learned and what I wish someone would've told me then. It's been ten years since the day that finally broke me. It was the day after the Veteran's Day holiday weekend. My then second grade son, struggled from the moment he woke up, to get out the...Read More
Sensory Activities Around The House

Sensory Activities Around The House: Easy, Practical Solutions

Easy, practical ways to incorporate sensory activities into your everyday life.  I first heard the term "sensory diet" three years ago, just before my son was diagnosed with autism and his associated sensory processing disorder. When I read the worksheet the occupational therapist had given me, I felt sick. My first thought was, "No way can we pull this off." My second thought was,...Read More

Why Is Hands-On Learning For Older Kids So Hard To Find?

Hands-On Learning for older kids is hard to come by. But why? Many middle and high schoolers still learn best with multi-sensory activities.  I first noticed it when my oldest son entered the middle school years. All of sudden, activities designed for multi-sensory learning were increasingly hard to find. The resources on blogs and Pinterest continued to point me to hands-on learning designed for...Read More
What Helped My Dyslexic Son Finally Learn To Read

What Helped My Dyslexic Son Finally Learn To Read

Last week, I shared what I wanted you to know most about what helped my dyslexic son finally learn to read. Today, I am sharing all the details of what worked. My youngest son is dyslexic and has struggled to read for as long as he has been trying. Eight full years of flashcards and tears, educational therapists and sight words. Last week, with...Read More

When You’re The Mother Of A Chronically Ill Child

"Now, I don't want you to worry. Not yet. These results can mean any number of things." When the doctor starts out with "I don't want you to worry," the first thing you do is worry.   It has been a year since we got back test results that revealed my son had something wrong - something very wrong - with his autoimmune system....Read More