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Please Stop Saying I Am Spoiling My Child With Special Needs

I can't tell you how many times I have been accused of spoiling my child with special needs, both online and in person. My baby was four weeks old. He hadn’t slept for more than a 45 minute stretch in his short lifetime. I was bleary eyed, depressed, and terrified. I knew, deep down inside, that something wasn’t right. I can’t describe it except...Read More
When Motherhood Feels Like It's Just Too Much

When Motherhood Feels Like It’s Just Too Much

Too often, motherhood feels like it is just too much.  I asked the question I vigilantly try to avoid last night. Almost against my will, I found myself asking the same thing, over and over again to myself, all night long. Why? My sixteen year old son lost one of his closest friends, and her little brother, to a drunk driver last week. On...Read More

A True Multi-Sensory Reading Curriculum For Children With Dyslexia

When my son was first diagnosed with dyslexia, we had very little to go on. I knew the usual curriculum options were not working. We had tried everything and then tried it again, but nothing really seemed to work. Moreover, my son was becoming increasingly frustrated and resistant. I asked the therapist completing the evaluation how we needed to proceed in our homeschool. While...Read More

Should My Child Have A Service Dog?

Last fall, my youngest son was in the hospital for more than a week. It was one of the longest weeks of both of our lives. Despite the pain and anxiety, he did well. The nurses loved him. The doctors laughed at his sweet jokes. At some point, they all said essentially the same thing to me - He really misses his dog. He...Read More
Why We Need To Stop Asking If ADHD Is Real

Why We Need To Stop Asking If ADHD Is Real

A few years ago, my husband and I made plans (read: we scrambled to find childcare, money and time) to attend a parenting event in our area. The speaker was touted as being one of the best at encouraging dads in their journey, as they parent out of the box kids. About 20 minutes into the presentation, the speaker brought up the topic of...Read More

To the Step Dad on Father’s Day

When the boys first met my husband, we were at Disneyland. How's that for stacking the deck? Clearly they loved him... like immediately. In fact, I was freaking out because my youngest son took his hand and started walking around Adventure Land with him like he'd known him for years after about 7 seconds. I distinctly remember thinking, "NoNoNoNoNo! Do not get attached, Little...Read More

Occupational Therapy at Home (DIY Strategies For Helping Your Child)

The first time my son and I walked into an occupational therapy gym, I had no idea what to expect. He was nine years old and had been struggling for years. Noises - loud or repetitive. Smells - good or bad. Shoes. Socks. Tags. Grass. Sand. He was overwhelmed by the world and had been for a long time. When my son was formally...Read More