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    Wadi Al Ula, gateway to Madain Saleh is known for its Lion of the  Lihyanites-predecessors of the Nabateans (100 to 500 BC). Madain Saleh is the prime tourist attraction of the Kingdom. It was known as “Al Hijr” in the ancient times and served as a stopover on a very  prosperous trade route.

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    • Arrival At al Ula & Drive to Abo aood to see a wide variety of rock inscriptions.
    • Drive to Hurat alouird to see The amazing view for al Ula city from the top of the highest mountain.
    • Drive To Visit Abu Raeid Museum (Intriguing archaeological items & the area culture)
    • Move to Visit Natural Rock formations (Elephant Rock)
    • Time to have a Hot Lunch.
    • Discover the desert by comfortable 4x4 safari and relax at a desert campsite as the sun sets.
    • Drive to Jabal Al raqssat (contains a wide variety of rock inscriptions also the religious).
    • Expected time to have a hot dinner.
    • Departure from al Ula


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