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    The idea of taking a walk in the countryside for pleasure developed in the 18th century. In earlier times walking was indicated poverty and was also associated with vagrancy.

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    Tour's Program

    Meet at pickup point (depend on client location\tour leader direction).
    Introducing PLT team & start guidance to the cars.
    Drive to Hike location (based on hike captain direction).
    Arrive and start to warm up and intro (safety and hike track).
    Start hiking about (beginner= 3km \ moderate= 5km \ advanced= 8km).
    Completion the hike and drive to the farm to cleanup \ enjoy coffee break.
    Free time to enjoy sport games, team building and farm activities.
    Start enjoying the music around the camp fire.
    Expected time for dinner barbecue.
    Drive back to the pickup point and have a good night.


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