Madinah, Saudi Arabia


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    Al Madina is the administrative center of the Madina province, as well as the most important Islamic city. A city of peace and tranquility, where many historic and archaeological sites along with several Islamic historic battle sites are found here. Madinah is rich in culture, heritage and museums. Vast date plantations and ancient traditional markets (Souks) alongside modern shopping malls and arcades abound here.

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    Meet at pick-up point.
    Drive to Uhud mountain to visit the landmarks of Uhud Battle, include archers’ mountain.
    Heading to visit the known well (Othman bin Affans’ well).
    Drive to Diyar Al-Ansar (Bani Salma) and pray in (Alqiblatain mosque).
    Proceed to visit Selaa Mountain to know the events of the Battle of the trench.
    Visit Quba Mosque and pray at there.
    Visit the historical farm Palace of Sualh.
    Transfer to pick-up point.


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