Taif, Saudi Arabia


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    Over the Hada Mountains above Mecca and on the eastern slopes of the Al-Sarawat mountains, lies The City of Taif, the cool and green Summer Capital located in the western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People come here for the weather (much cooler than Jeddah in the summer months), beautiful scenery and the town’s relaxed atmosphere.

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    Tour's Program

    • Meet at pick-up point
    • Enjoying the majestic panoramic view of al Hada mountains( FRUIT MARKET – PANORAMIC OVER VIEW- BABOONS ).
    • Move to Rose Farm/ perfume factory
    • Drive to Sharif Museum.
    • Enjoy Traditional lunch at a very nice place.
    • Drive back to hotel for rest.
    • Enjoying the view of mountains, cars that passing through the road from ( Al Kurr Tourist village ).
    • Time to have coffee / tea then have traditional dinner
    • drive back to Hotel accommodation
    • Morning ,Breakfast in the hotel & Meet
    • Enjoying the majestic panoramic view of al shafa mountains
    • Move to visit Al Qantara Mosque
    • Drive to visiting the central market
    • Enjoy Traditional lunch at a very nice place.
    • Enjoying panoramic view of the city,
    • Then move to visit Al Ruddaf park
    • Enjoy Traditional dinner at traditional restaurant & drive back to pick-up point.


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