Abha, Saudi Arabia


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    Tour's Program

    • Meet at pickup location.
    • Firstly, Visit Baskat Market, Civilizations Museum, Shada Palace
    • Enjoy traditional lunch in local restaurant.
    • Drive to visit, Abha Dam Lake, Abha High City and Green Mountains, Muftaha Village Art Gallery
    • Have a Dinner in traditional restaurant.
    • Drive to hotel accommodation
    • Meet at hotel accommodation after breakfast & Move to first destination ( Mountain Souda ).
    • Arrive , Enjoying the view of mountain Souda & Ride Cable car
    • Then move to visit Habala Village
    • Enjoy Traditional lunch at a very nice place.
    • Drive to  Khamis Mushait to visit Ibn Hamsan Heritage Village
    • Have a Dinner in traditional restaurant.
    • Drive to Al Baha.
    • Arrive & Drive to hotel accommodation.
    • Morning Breakfast in hotel accommodation
    • Arrive and enjoy visit Saturday Historical Market Baljurashi
    • Drive to Raghadan Forest Park
    • Heading to have a lunch in traditional restaurant.
    • Move to mountains of Al- Surat for Visit Al Muld Village.
    • Drive to visit Khairah Forest Park
    • Proceed for visit thee Ain village
    • Have Dinner in traditional restaurant
    • Drive to taif
    • Arrive & move to hotel accommodation
    • Morning , Breakfast in the hotel accommodation
    • Enjoying the majestic panoramic view of al Hada mountains( FRUIT MARKET – PANORAMIC OVER VIEW- BABOONS ).
    • Move to Rose Farm/factory
    • Drive to Sharif Museum.
    • Enjoy Traditional lunch at a very nice place.
    • 30th floor coffee break in Awaliv International Hotel
    • Enjoying the view of mountains, the old paved stone paths, cars that passing through the road from Alhada Cable Car.
    • Drive back to pick-up point.


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